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a bit about me:

Professional cellist Tugce Bryant specializes in cello lessons. She teaches beginner, intermediate, and advanced-level cello students of all ages. She also teaches beginner-level private violin lessons.

Music lessons are provided at her private music school, Cello Academy Hawaii, and online—anywhere in the world!


Music lessons for kids set them apart.


String lessons are even better. Why?


Learning an instrument encourages brain development, discipline, cooperation, and confidence. Music lessons for kids are a great way to give them a boost in academic performance and life.

Strings lessons are not only for young individuals, of course. Adults of all ages are welcome.


Check out this awesome TED talk to learn more about your brain on music.

















8 out of 10 adults prefer the sound of the cello because the instrument's range is the closest to our vocal range compared to any other string instrument. Simply put, it sounds more like a human voice.


Still, want to learn the violin?

Inquire about our free diagnostic lesson to learn which lesson length is good for you!


Whether you're an adult who is trying to self-teach or you are a complete beginner who wants to learn to play a string instrument, I welcome you to Cello Academy Hawaii.

Online lessons are now available as of March 2020.

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