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Music appreciation class is the first step into the magical world of music for toddlers and preschoolers between ages 2-4.


These classes are designed for the child to enjoy listening to and making music with simple instruments like xylophones, sticks, drums, and tambourine. 


While stimulating the child’s curiosity through musical concepts, the lessons allow them to seamlessly transition to playing the cello when they turn 4 and violin when they turn 3.

In the Music Appreciation lessons, the child will learn coordination by learning to play simple percussion instruments and creative self-expression through singing and dancing. The child will also develop listening and auditory discrimination skills. During these lessons, the child’s motor skills develop which helps further ready the child for instrument lessons.


The music appreciation lessons are 30 minutes long and are held weekly in order for the child to retain information and for the musical concepts to be reinforced.


The monthly tuition for Music Appreciation lessons is $160 plus tax (4, 30 min lessons).


According to the child's attention span and interest, the lessons can be increased to twice a week.


To sign up and inquire about availability please contact Cello Academy Hawaii. 


Currently, the Music Appreciation lessons are available at the Cello Academy's Ewa Beach location and at Children with Aloha Academy.


Kids in Preschool
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